Will Smith Nicky
Margot Robbie Jess
Adrian Martinez Farhad
Gerald Mcraney Owens
Rodrigo Santoro Garriga
Bd Wong Liyuan
Brennan Brown Horst
Robert Taylor Mcewen
Dotan Bonen Gordon
Griff Furst Gareth
Stephanie Honoré Janice
David Stanford Drunken Stranger
Dominic Fumusa Jared
Steve Kim Liyuan’s Bodyguard
Don Yesso Card Player / Football Coach
Juan Minujín Marcello
Jano Seitun Bartender
Melania Lenoir Pretty Woman
Pietro Gian Massive Security Guard
Justina Bustos Blonde Bartender
Paula Brasca Saleswoman
Antonella Macchi Apollonia
Aaron Jay Rome Bartender
Armando Leduc Bald Guy
Jon Eyez Bruiser
Clay Chamberlin Mark #1
Danny Ladmirault Mark #2
Chip Carriere Lead Official
Daniella Short Naked Woman
Frank J. Monteleone Tech (as Frank Monteleone)
Alan Sabbagh Team Argentina Head Engineer
Hervé Segata French Team Engineer
Jorge Takashima Team Korea Engineer
Pierre Marquille HRT Team Owner
Nas Mehdi Head Of Team India
Federico Bongiorno Head Of Team Russia
Kate Adair Tourist Thief
Billy Slaughter Passing Thief
Lindsay Clift Another Thief
Thomas Francis Murphy Hustler
Nicoye Banks Card Sharp
Ruy Gatti French Tech
Cacilie Hughes Jenny
Alvin Chon Liyuan Bodyguard #2
Brett Baker Another Thief #2
Taylor Persh Sous Chef
Mariano Bertolini Waiter
Scott Michael Jefferson Additional McEwen Tech
Billy Louviere Rowdy Guy #1
Thomas Thomason Rowdy Guy #2
Antonella Saldicco Party Guest #1
Joaquín Berthold Party Guest #2
Marina Artigas Party Guest #3
Dario Dukah Party Guest #4
Martin Covert Doctor
Apollo Robbins Apollo
Michael Dardant Card Mechanic #1
Victor Moran Card Mechanic #1
Eric McMullen Doc
Han Soto Head Of Team Japan
Yeshi Tenzin Head Of Team Japan #2
Laney Chouest Head Of Team
Darrell Foster Head Of Team Italy
Hilary Ellison Tuttle Waitress Thief
Guillermo Miguel Team Argentina
Nina Leon BA Reporter
Nick Reasons Sideline Reporter
Chris Dieker Coin Toss Rhino
Stevie Baggs Jr. Coin Toss Thresher
Thomas Holley Announcer #1
Walter Prestenberg Jr. Announcer #2
Nicholas Harris Interview Thresher
Patrick O'hara Team Owner
David Haines Nicky's Crew Tommy
Steve M. Hammond Cafe Host Mark
Derrick Townsend Frat Guy #1
Derrick Dee Drake Ticket Scalper
Andre Allemand Pit Crew Mechanic (uncredited)
Charles Barber Threshers Fan (uncredited)
Carmen Barika Nicky's Crew (uncredited)
Candice Michele Barley Liyuan's Supermodel Guest (uncredited)
Victoria Baxter Sports Bar Patron (uncredited)
Eric Berris Racing Crew - Laney's Team Europe (uncredited)
Tom Bui Sky Box Businessman (uncredited)
Joseph Randy Causin French Quarter Patron (uncredited)
Joe Chrest Jeweler (uncredited)
Rebecca Collins Threshers Fan (uncredited)
Shakeya Connor Fan In Stand (uncredited)
Ross P. Cook Rio Security Guard (uncredited)
Robert 'bigg Sarge' Deon SkyBox Millionaire Patron (uncredited)
Nick Diamantis Bartender (uncredited)
Blake Dozzer Fat Drunk Fan (uncredited)
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca Football Fan (uncredited)
Joseph Fischer Team Italy (uncredited)
Laura Flannery Cheerleader (uncredited)
John Garcia Waterboy 1 (uncredited)
Juan Gaspard Fan In Stands (uncredited)
Carlos Ramónne Graham Pick Pocket Victim (uncredited)
Gene Kevin Hames Jr. Nicky's Crew (uncredited)
Bob Hartnack Mardi Gras Pedestrian (uncredited)
John Henry Waiter (uncredited)
Kenneth Herrington Bartender (uncredited)
Christopher Heskey Chicago Fan (uncredited)
David Jensen German Tourist (uncredited)
Tran Joshua Liyuan's Special Guest (uncredited)
Patrick Kearns Security (uncredited)
Meade Kincke Indycar Driver (uncredited)
Steve Kish Pit Crew (uncredited)
John C. Klein Football Coach (uncredited)
Richie J. Ladner Horse Race Better (uncredited)
Jennifer M. Laners Club Patron (uncredited)
Cynthia Leblanc Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Elton Leblanc Thief Nickey's Crew (uncredited)
Justin Lebrun Football Fan (uncredited)
Stephanie Mcintyre Pedestrian (uncredited)
Quintin Mckemie Ii Threshers Fan (uncredited)
Jock Mckissic Football Player (uncredited)
Anna Medley Club Goer (uncredited)
Joseph Menard Fan (uncredited)
Starlette Miariaunii Green Fairy (uncredited)
Satin Mitchell Poker Dealer (uncredited)
Jody Mullins Mark - Luggage (uncredited)
Moses Munoz Dibiago (uncredited)
Jay Oliver Race Fan (uncredited)
James Ourso Mark - Biker (uncredited)
Cynthia B. Overton Extra (uncredited)
Danny Pardo Soccer Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Marlon Price #42 Threshers (uncredited)
Sebastian James Andrew (uncredited)
Angel Ribolla French Quarter Patron (uncredited)
Candice Tracy Ross Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Dalton Russell Jester Hat Man (uncredited)
Katherine Jeanie Russell French Quarter Patron (uncredited)
Andrew Sensenig Dr. Harry McGurk (uncredited)
Paula Shreve French Quarter Patron (uncredited)
Kerry Sims Football Fan (uncredited)
Logan Douglas Smith Racing Pit Crew (uncredited)
Stefan Solea Card Mechanic #1
Chansi Stuckey Football Player (uncredited)
Nathan Alan Thomas Chicago Football Player (uncredited)
Michelle Torres Fan In Stand (uncredited)
Olga Wilhelmine Nicky's Crew (uncredited)
Jesse Yarborough Table Crew (uncredited)

Produced By

Denise Di Novi Producer

Music By

Nick Urata Music By

Film Editing By

Jan Kovac Film Editing By

Casting By

Tiffany Little Canfield Casting By
Bernard Telsey Casting By
David Vaccari Casting By

Production Design By

Beth Mickle Production Design By

Art Direction By

Kelly Curley Art Direction By

Set Decoration By

Lisa K. Sessions Set Decoration By

Costume Design By

Dayna Pink Costume Design By


Nathan Alan Thomas Stunts