cover John Wick


METACRITIC: 68   3.4

IMDB: 7.2   3.6

An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.
  • Don't Set Him Off!
Has 13 awards
Sin Control argentina
Con Vik azerbaijan
Джон Уик bulgaria
De Volta ao Jogo brazil
Otro día para matar (John Wick) spain
Τζον Γουίκ greece
John Wick hungary
Otro día para matar mexico
John Wick: Sin control peru
Джон Уiк ukraine
Death Pistol Knife Danger Explosion Bar Character's Point Of View Camera Shot Subjective Camera Bodyguard Revenge Friendship Church Foot Chase Punched In The Face Cigarette Smoking Car Shot In The Chest Held At Gunpoint Photograph Corpse New York City Slow Motion Scene No Opening Credits Nonlinear Timeline Told In Flashback Gift Falling From Height Chase Helicopter Death Of Friend Title Spoken By Character Martial Arts One Against Many Hand To Hand Combat Fistfight Cell Phone Torture Vomiting Blood Splatter Two Word Title Security Guard Shotgun Disarming Someone Showdown Brawl Tough Guy Stylized Violence Action Hero Mixed Martial Arts Machine Gun Interrogation Nightclub Police Officer Tattoo Betrayal One Man Army Head Butt Blood Murder Shot To Death Violence Neo Noir Shootout Deception Shot In The Forehead Jumping Punched In The Stomach Vengeance Hired Killer Professional Killer Professional Assassin Mob Boss Character Name In Title Dog Killing An Animal Coming Out Of Retirement Killed With A Gun Fight Death Of Pet Organized Crime Righteous Rage Assassin Russian Mafia Hitman Gangster Russian Friend Gas Station Funeral Mobster In Medias Res Cellphone Video Murder Spree Dark Comedy Driving A Car Threatened With A Knife Stick Fight Knife Fight Limousine Professional Hit F Word Masked Man Double Cross Bartender Helicopter Shot Strangled To Death Stolen Car Information Wrestling Mask Pain Hit In The Face Loss Of Control Out Of Control Fury Mass Destruction Help Risk Jeopardy Peril Jump Broken Bone Payback Grief Dark Hero Ruthlessness Mercilessness Cruelty Brutality Sadism Bleeding To Death Bloodshed Video Game Airport Judo Rampage Anger Racetrack Animal Shelter Swimming Pool Jazz Singer Massacre Blood On Shirt Bound And Gagged Tied To A Chair Wristwatch Long Take Gunslinger Knocked Out Mafia Boss Crime Boss Burning Money Vault Fireplace Spitting Blood Throat Slitting Strangulation Gore Bus School Bus Directorial Debut Assassination Attempt Ambush Shower Baseball Bat Camera Phone Anti Hero Brooklyn Bridge Grenade Female Bartender Car Accident Cancer Warehouse Lightning Rainstorm Heavy Rain Armory Sniper Contract Killer Shot In The Throat Shot In The Neck Shot In The Back Shot In The Arm Broken Arm Car Chase Car Crash Stabbed In The Leg Person On Fire Exploding Car Marijuana Joint Brooklyn New York City Shot Through A Pillow Bag Over Head Lens Flare Hit By A Car Blood On Camera Lens Shot Through A Window Assault Rifle Silencer Sniper Rifle Stabbed In The Stomach Shot In The Eye Shot In The Foot Shot In The Head Stabbed Through The Chin Stabbed In The Neck Bulletproof Vest Hotel Disposing Of A Dead Body Gold Coin Stabbed To Death Stabbed In The Chest Neck Breaking Pistol Whip Kicked In The Crotch Shot In The Leg Shot In The Face Stealing A Car Kicked In The Face Home Invasion Beating Kicked In The Stomach Hit With A Baseball Bat New Jersey Rain Cemetery Hospital Flashback Chop Shop Lawyer Henchman Father Son Relationship Death Of Dog Death Of Wife Spoiled Son Female Assassin